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About Dr Garry's Charts and Timelines

What's here?

Hi there. I'm Garry Stevens. For no other reason than I thought it may be useful, I have assembled here a collection of pdf charts and timelines covering topics in science and history, suitable as teaching resources for all ages. The charts available will be expanded, updated and improved regularly. They are free for you to download and use.

These charts and timelines may be of interest to:

Get them now for free before my publisher makes me sign a contract and forces me to take money for them.

Money-back guarantee

If you download my free charts and find them unsatisfactory, I guarantee to repay you every single penny you sent to me.

Other teaching resources

I recommend:

Professional-quality poster-size charts

My professional-quality charts are single-page poster-size: either A1 size (US equivalent: 24×36″) or A0 size (US equivalent: 48×36″, really big) size. You can print these on to any paper size that your pdf reader supports, using the Shrink to Fit option, but really, they only work at full-size. If you like them, why not run down to your local print shop, such as Fedex, and have them run off a copy? It's not expensive.

Informative but not pretty poster-size charts

These charts are informative but not pretty. I'm working on them.

Informative but ugly charts

My older charts are works in progress: multi-page files, suitable for printing on two or more A4 pages. You have to print out the A4 sheets and stick them together. Sorry about that. For those using US paper sizes, just check the Shrink to Fit box on your pdf reader.

Science charts

Here we have a few evolutionary tree of life charts. I became interested in phylogenetics and biology a few years ago, and for my own interest decided to make a few trees-of-life, just to keep clear in my own head the current state of biological thinking from the Eucarya to the Primata.

I am not a biologist, just an interested spectator, so I claim no authority for these charts. I've picked up bits and pieces from Paleos; that immensely unreliable source, the Wikipedia; and stuff from Thomas Cavalier-Smith's work.