Garry' teaching charts and timelines

Timeline of the Bible's Old Testament

From this page you can a free copy of my chart and timeline showing Our New Understanding of the Old Testament, covering the Jewish scriptures and the first portion of the Christian Bible. This timeline shows all the rulers of ancient Israel and Judah through to the destruction of the Second Temple. It uses the very latest in modern scholarship to discuss the origins and history of the Israelites, and their relationships to the ancient peoples of their times. It also presents the latest theories about the history of the Old Testament. An ancient history teaching resource, suitable for high school through graduate studies.

This professional-quality chart is a single-page A1 poster-size (US equivalent: 24×36″). You can print it on to any paper size that your pdf reader supports, using the Shrink to Fit option, but really, it only works at full-size. If you like it, why not run down to your local print shop, and have them run off a copy? It's not expensive: I paid $AUD 30 ($USD 25) for a full-colour laminated copy. It seems Americans pay a lot more, up to $USD 70. There you go.

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