Garry' teaching charts and timelines

The Tree of Life Chart

From this page you can a free copy of my chart The Tree of Life: Every Creature that has Ever Lived. This timetree uses the latest data available (as of 2013) to construct a single chart showing the unity of all life on earth. It is an excellent teaching resource for all levels of student.

This professional-quality chart is a single-page A1 poster-size (US equivalent: 24×36″). You can print it on to any paper size that your pdf reader supports, using the Shrink to Fit option, but really, it only works at full-size. If you like it, why not run down to your local print shop, and have them run off a copy? It's not expensive: I paid $AUD 30 ($USD 25) for a full-colour laminated copy. It seems Americans pay a lot more, up to $USD 70. There you go.